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FW: Micro-Sys A1 Sitemap Generator v1.6.3

12 March 2008



Feed: unknowns
Posted on: Tuesday, January 01, 2008 12:00 AM
Author: unknown
Subject: Micro-Sys A1 Sitemap Generator v1.6.3


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Micro-Sys A1 Sitemap Generator v1.6.3 | 3.56 MB

Have you been looking for the best sitemap generator with the most complete set of tools and advantages above any other? Our website crawler will find all pages within your website as it can handle all kinds of links and redirects. Neither the HTML tag nor any variation of valid link addresses will confuse it. Enable a few options and our sitemap generator can find links in img, frame, iframe, form, select, input and many other HTML tags. You can also have it process all kinds of CSS file references and most Javascript generated links.

The high performance website scanning engine is able to sustain a high speed, even when crossing 10.000 and 100.000 pages. Do you have websites larger than that? No problem, you can configure our website crawler and tune its speed and memory usage to handle much larger websites.

Create all kinds of sitemaps including text, HTML, RSS and XML using our sitemapper tool. It is easy to use, yet highly configurable when you need it. You can create HTML sitemaps fully customizable with multiple columns and pages using the HTML sitemap generator. Are you more interested in creating XML sitemaps? The XML sitemap builder can calculate priority values for all pages in your website when creating the XML sitemap.

Is automation of tasks important to you? With this sitemap generator you can automate and schedule the whole process of creating sitemaps: Scan website, create sitemaps, create robots.txt, upload sitemaps and ping search engines to inform them about updated XML sitemaps.

Website crawler options - scan large and complex websites
Tune crawler performance and server load using simultaneous connections.
Pause and start website scans. Easy to resume and refresh crawling.
Use include and exclude filters to control which files to crawl and list.
Follow all kinds of references including redirects, frames, javascripts and images.
Login through most post form and baisc authentication user access systems.
Scan a website from multiple start paths. Useful for websites not fully crosslinked.
Alias paths during scan, e.g. http://www.example.com and http://example.com.
Detect and remove standard and custom session IDs in urls.

Create sitemaps of any website
Everything from small to giant websites with many thousands of pages.
Local and online websites on internet, localhost, LAN, CD-ROM and disks.
Static and dynamic websites such as portals, online stores, blogs and forums.

Sitemap builder options - make text, HTML, RSS and XML sitemaps
Build multi-page and multi-column HTML sitemaps, all in one.
Includes rich HTML sitemap templates. Customize layout and code.
Can calculate Google XML sitemap priority values for all pages in website.
Allows to change the root path used. Useful if scanning localhost website copies.
Save bandwidth with easy splitting and GZip compression of XML sitemap files.

Sitemap generator tools - view broken links and automate website scan
View normal, broken and redirected links found in website scan.
View reports within all directories about files found and response codes.
Integrated FTP sitemap upload. Can also ping and notify Google, Yahoo etc. of sitemap changes.
Automate our sitemap generator tool through command line, task scheduler, scripts and batch files.
Command line interface includes load project, scan website, build sitemap, FTP upload and sitemap pings.

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