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O&O Defrag Professional 10.0

18 September 2007

O&O Defrag Professional v10.0 Build 1634


- Automatic and self-adjusting defragmentation in the background (O&O OneButtonDefrag)
- Select from different profiles for the automatic defragmentation of PCs and servers
- Expanded job scheduling for custom strategies for automatic defragmentation
- Status monitor and control direct from the Task Tray
- Completely overhauled interface for increased usability
- Expanded O&O Defrag Wizard for quick configuration
- O&O ActivityGuard Pro for even less system loads
- Expanded Power Management for Notebooks
- ScreenSaver Mode
- Integrated O&O Defrag ScreenSaver with 3-D animation
- Five unique defragmentation methods for different optimization strategies
- Support for all current Windows operating systems in 32- and 64-bit
- Support of all Windows drives in configuration and sizes

System Requirements
Operating System: Windows Vista, XP, 2000



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Pinnacle Hollywood FX Pro 5.1

Features Include:

 Advanced Keyframe Editing - Hollywood FX Pro gives you full keyframe editing of flight paths and every parameter through its advanced keyframe editor. HFX Pro includes advanced shift and scale tools as well as spline curve presets.
 Compatible with major editing tools - Hollywood FX Pro is comaptible with all you favourite editing tools like Pinnacle Edition DV, Adobe Premiere, Avid MCXpress/Xpress/Composer/Symphony, in:sync Speed Razor, Fast Video Machine & 601, Ulead Media Studio Pro, Media 100 & Finish, DPS Video Action Pro/Velocity, Panasonic DVEdit & NewsByte, Sony ES-3.
 Convenient Control - With every transition you can change flight direction, lighting, shadows, shine, motion blur, trails and antialiasing with the click of the mouse.
 Create Your Own FX - Hollywood FX Pro provides a full set of tools to quickly and easily create your own FX. Use with one of over 300 FX that come with HFX Pro, or start from scratch and use advanced tools like object cloning to create incredible 3D transitions, MultiWindow FX, and 3D composites in minutes.
 Easy To Use - Simply drag-and-drop Hollywood FX Pro into your timeline like any other transition. The HFX dialog will appear and you can select a transition and change your options.
 Instant feedback - Instant feedback while designing a composite is crucial for today’s projects. Hollywood FX’s interface has been designed to allow quick alteration. You want that ball to fly off the top without re-keying, simply rotate the easy direction dial.
 Media Control - In addition to transitions, Hollywood FX Pro includes a wide range of 3D MultiWindow Effects with additional video sources that can be mapped easily onto objects in HFX.
 Organised - Transitions are organised into convenient categories with icons that let you find the transition you want instantly. You can even reorganise effects into your own categories.
 Plugin Power - Hollywood FX Pro includes a basic set of image filters and 3D warp plugins to add real power to customize any FX. Explode, peel, ripple or twist any 3D object. Use chroma key with any media.
 Surfaces - Surfaces of 3D objects can be mapped with video or simple colours to create an incredible variety of FX. You have full control over basic colour, luminous colour, and shine.



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AVG Anti-Spyware

AVG Anti-Spyware is a brand-new program brought to you by Grisoft that will detect and remove the spyware on your computer. Using AVG Anti-Spyware you can perform a complete system scan, a fast system scan, but also registry scans, memory scans and custom scans.
Using AVG Anti-Spyware you can detect and remove running processes, browser plugins, autostarting applications, available connections. AVG Anti-Spyware has a variety of other tweaks and a powerful file shredder.

Benefits :
• Easy to use protection – install and forget
• New program versions and updates, for free, throughout the license duration
• Quality proven by all major antivirus certifications (VB100%, ICSA, West Coast Labs Checkmark)
• 24/7 technical support provided at no extra cost.


• Resident shield with on-access scanning
• Unique automatic threat-removal anti-spyware engine
• Self-protection at kernel layer guarantees gapless monitoring
• Strong signatures for higher resistance to malware (malicious software) variations
• Cutting-edge anti-spyware technology — Using the latest state-of-the-art detection technology, AVG detects spyware, adware, DLL-trojans, keyloggers, and much more. Malware hidden in data streams, archives, or the Windows registry is also detected. AVG also scans the memory to detect active threats.
• Full on-access protection — The powerful AVG Resident Shield provides maximum protection by scanning every file opened, executed, or saved. It also prevents the opening or executing of malware. Self-protection at the kernel layer guarantees gapless monitoring by preventing malware from disabling your anti-spyware protection.
• Automatic threat handling — AVG can automatically clean infected files and remove other threats such as trojans, dialers, hijackers, spyware, and keyloggers. Suspicious files can be safely moved into quarantine.
• High-level scanning capabilities — AVG detects sleeping and non-dangerous malware (i.e., malware that has been downloaded but not yet activated). It uses strong signatures to defeat attempts to avoid detection via malware variation, and can securely detect and delete DLL-trojans. With generic crypter and binder technology as well as heuristic analysis, AVG offers your computer the most comprehensive detection of malware.
• User friendly and intelligent operation — In addition to an intuitive user interface, AVG offers easily configured intelligent updating and simple scheduling of tasks. Configuring program exceptions is straightforward and allows you to exclude specified programs from AVG’s thorough scanning.
• Complete set of analysis tools — AVG Anti-Spyware allows you to check and control your computer with a wide array of analysis tools such as viewers for processes, connections, browser plugins, startup entries etc. It also features a shredder for secure file deletion and a tool to harden your Windows installation.



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Google Earth Pro 4.2.0180.1134

Google Earth combines the power of Google Search with satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings to put the world’s geographic information at your fingertips.
- Fly to your house. Just type in an address, press Search, and you’ll zoom right in.
- Search for schools, parks, restaurants, and hotels. Get driving directions.
- Tilt and rotate the view to see 3D terrain and buildings, or look up to explore the sky
- Save and share your searches and favorites.

Google Earth Pro For professional and commercial uses.
Google Earth Pro is the ultimate research, presentation, and collaboration tool for location-specific information.

With Google Earth Pro, it’s easy to research locations and present your discoveries. In just a few clicks, you can import site plans, property lists or client sites and share the view with your client or colleague. You can even export high-quality images to documents or the web.

Annotate and visualize
Represent your location-based data using 3D drawing tools, or transfer up to 2,500 locations by address or geospatial coordinates from a spreadsheet. The GIS Data Importing Module lets you incorporate GIS data in file formats such as .shp and .tab. Examples include parcel, demographic, and 3D building data.

Share and analyze
Share your Google Earth views and data representations with your clients as a KML, Google Earth‘s original file format. With your upgraded Pro subscription, you get additional measurement tools (square feet, mile, acreage, radius and so on), so simply select the points on the screen using your mouse and let Google Earth calculate the rest.

Create visually powerful presentations
Export high-resolution images up to 11″ x 17″ (4800 pixels, sample print - 890k), and use them in documents, presentations, web or printed materials. You audience can come along for the ride as you create your own compressed movies (.wmv, sample movie - 13MB) of the zooms and virtual tours you take in Google Earth.

Useful for many industries
Whether you’re in commercial real estate, insurance or media, Google Earth Pro lets you represent geo-specific information to full dramatic effect. Learn how it’s applicable to your industry.



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Auto Power on And Shut-down 2.03

Resume from power-off state - Auto Poweron & Shutdown allows you to auto-start up your computer to work at a specified date

and time, even if the system was stopped in hibernation.

Wake up from sleep mode - Auto Poweron & Shutdown allows you to wake up your computer from sleep mode (s3 standby) at specified time.

Task Schedule - Auto Poweron & Shutdown allows you to open files, play sounds, run programs, close programs, open website, show messages, standby/hibernate, shutdown/reboot, etc. at any specified time.

Auto Shutdown - This is a feature of Auto Poweron & Shutdown that you may find useful. It allows your computer to auto-shutdown at specified time.

Keyboard/Mouse Macro - Record to scripts and playback that you type with the keyboard and move and click with the mouse, a useful feature for such as TV record, supports Windows Vista 64bit.

Auto Poweron & Shutdown is an easy to use application that allows you to control your computer resume from power-off state (hibernation) or wake up from sleep mode (stand by).

With Auto Poweron & Shutdown, you can have more fun in your life. Wake up every morning at the sound of your own favorite music. Go to your office to find that your computer has already been turned on for you. And when you leave to go home, the program helps you close the computer so it doesn't wear off...


Auto Poweron & Shutdown is able to allow users to do this all of the following:
Control your computer resume from power-off state (hibernation).
Wake up your computer from sleep mode (standby) .
Playback a keyboard and mouse macro, a useful feature for such as TV record.
Run programs, close programs, open files and open URL at any specified time .
Play mp3, wma , wav and flash at any specified time .
Logs on system automatically (Win2000/XP/Vista) .
Shutdown or reboot , log off, lock session, close monitor, make computer enter sleep mode (standby/hibernation) at any time .
Synchronize your PC's time to atomic clock servers .

More Features:
Easy to use, install and configure the software in 2-10 minutes.
Support Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista.



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SoftPlan 13.3.4

SoftPlan Architectural Design Software is the building industry’s leading residential and light commercial CAD software package. Utilizing SoftPlan as your design tool will give you the flexibility to create complex, custom drawings with speed, accuracy, and ease. Draw with fully assembled and fully customizable items such as walls, windows, beams, etc. With SoftPlan you can create floor plans, cross-sections, elevations, framing plans, detail drawings, and site plans.
Developed specifically to automate the design and presentation of residential and light commercial construction projects, SoftPlan allows you to build a model of your project on your computer before you build it on the lot. SoftPlan’s “virtual model” design gives you complete working drawings and realistic 3D renderings.

From quality and speed second to none to easy automated features, drawing in SoftPlan offers the convenience and accuracy of detailed floor plans using familiar objects such as walls, windows, and doors, automatic or custom roofs, site plans based on engineering data, instant cross sections and elevations and much more.

Easier Drawing Through Object Orientation:
SoftPlan’s learning curve is the absolute shortest in the industry, and object orientation is one of the key reasons SoftPlan has established such an extensive and varied range of users. SoftPlan allows you to draw with fully assembled items such as walls, windows, beams, etc. Therefore, you do not need to learn a whole new language or x,y,z coordinates to effectively use the program. Because SoftPlan is an object oriented design program, users of this software are only responsible for designing floor plans. Once the floor plan designs have been completed, SoftPlan automatically creates elevations, cross sections, roof framing, wall framing and much more!

Profit With Greater Speed:
Not only does SoftPlan make the design process easier, it greatly impacts your bottom line profits by increasing the speed at which designs can be created and edited. One of the keys to SoftPlan’s timesaving characteristics is automation. SoftPlan has been designed with specific tools that eliminate the unnecessary and repetitive tasks that conventional CAD packages require. For example, through the SoftTalk module you are able to do what no other CAD program in the world enables you to do, and that is simply speak your way from concept to completed drawing.
Achieve a Higher Level of Client Relations:
Although SoftPlan is an exceptional design tool, it is a practical and necessary sales tool as well. Through SoftList, it has the capability to provide you with accurate material lists and cost estimates. Through SoftView, it automatically renders your floor plan into an amazingly realistic visual presentation. Your clients will be pleased at how precise and meticulous their estimate is and amazed when they can actually see a 3D rendering right from the start! This alone will aid in building your reputation and increasing the number of jobs you will secure.



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NetSupport School 9.00

With NetSupport School, Teachers and Trainers can improve classroom instruction by centrally instructing their Students on their PCs, maintain Student attention by monitoring application and web usage and save time by quickly polling the class and showing instant results.
Teachers can also record all screen, keyboard and mouse activity on a Student workstation to review later or replay to the whole class.
With educational budgets under increasing pressure, NetSupport School enables schools, colleges and training institutions to maximise the return from the IT infrastructure already in place.
The Internet monitoring and control features of NetSupport School have been further enhanced providing internet control across a wide range of browsers and the inclusion of partial URL filtering. Teachers can now provide access for students to selected pages on a website, but restrict access to other pages at the same site. Version 9 also includes the ability to block FTP access as standard.

In addition the latest version of NetSupport School features a new “SafeSearch” feature, which overrides the search settings for most leading search engines and prevents inappropriate content being returned within search results.
NSS9 The Students Testing modules have been further enhanced, with a new Question and Test designer component, easy addition of testing resources via desktop “drag and drop” and a streamlined Test player with improved Student feedback.

NetSupport School now also features an online resources exchange, where teachers can upload, download and share resources for the classroom.

Wireless support in NetSupport School has been extended to offer improved performance over wireless access points and the inclusion of class lists. To complement this a new class list creation tool is now provided to allow for off-line preparation of class lists.

The latest version of NetSupport School also features a Student Locator, this connectivity server allows wireless student laptops to be located across any LAN or WAN. Using this new, standard component, Students’ wireless laptops can be located and connected to from any Class list no matter what their current IP address information or subnet is.
NSS9 NetSupport School is now provided with full support for Windows Vista in addition to its existing platform support.



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1 Click Copy DVD



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Winamp Pro 5.5.1550

Nullsoft Winamp is a fast, flexible, high-fidelity media player for Windows. Winamp supports playback of many audio (MP3, OGG, AAC, WAV, MOD, XM, S3M, IT, MIDI, etc) and video types (AVI,ASF,MPEG,NSV), custom appearances called skins (supporting both classic Winamp 1.x/2.x skins and Winamp 3 freeform skins), audio visualization and audio effect plug-ins (including two industry dominating visualization plug-ins), an advanced media library, Internet radio and TV support, CD ripping, and CD burning.

Program Features:

* Winamp 5 features our new Modern Skin that’s easier to use and more powerful than ever
* Easily access the Media Library (ML), Playlist Editor (PL), integrated Video or Visualizations (Video/Vis Drawer), or the EQ, Skin Options, and Color Themes (Config Drawer) from the Main Window
* Includes over 50 color themes that suit nearly every mood or occasion!
* Winamp 5 carries forward the unobtrusive “Window Shade”




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