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Free Blogger Beauty Template

10 February 2008

If you own a BLOGGER, sometimes, you will confuse what template you should use. Because the original template that offered by blogger were too "normal". If you want your blog looks beautiful, try this template. Its FREE to download and feel free to use it. This template were optimized for your blog with Google Adsense inside.

This is the screenshot that will show you, what is the template looks like.

The normal template is that!. But you should modified by your self. You can change the picture above, and change the link button (HOME and ANTIVIRUS) with your own catagory. You can even Add more LINK button there. I will Show you how to modified them.

But first, you should download this template. Click here To Download This Template or http://www.box.net/shared/hl3ak6u8go

Now, Lets try to upload this template.

The first task you must do is login into your blogger account. Then click Template Button and choose Edit HTML. It will shown like picture below.

Then, you should click Browse, then choose the template that you already download before. The next step is you click the UPLOAD button. If that step already done, you MUST SAVE it. Click the SAVE button.

Congratulations! your beauty TEMPLATE already implemented into your blog.

If you want to change the picture above the blog (picture with blue color and there is a computer pic inside it) you must make your own picture. You can make ypur own picture with any software that you able to operate it. You can use Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw. One thing that you must concern is, you must make those picture with 980x300 px. You must make your picture with that size. If you not use those size, it will not fit well in your blog.

If you already make those picture, you should upload it into web server. If you do not have it, you can use a free image server to place your pic. You can use http://imageshack.us/ to place your pic. Browse your picture, then Host it!. After that, copy the url link. Choose DIRECT LINK TO IMAGE url.

The next step is, open your blogger account, on the EDIT TEMPLATE (TEMPLATE -- EDIT HTML)

Then find a script like this

#header-wrapper {
background: url("http://img80.imageshack.us/img80/748/kompierc3.png") no-repeat;
border-top:6px solid #3A7CD2;
border-bottom:6px solid #3A7CD2;

and change the imageshack.us URL (that is the image url) with your own LINK (url) that you get from imageshack before. And then SAVE it.

NEXT STEP. Change the button link (HOME and ANTIVIRUS) with your own category.

Those button use to show your own catagory post. Or you can say LABEL. You can use this link as a LINK to your other website or blog.

Find this script in your template (see below)

<!-- Add or modify your links below using the examples, replace the # with your actual link and change "Edit Me" to your link name. The home page link works just like it is. You can add more lines or remove the ones you don't want before the closing </ul> -->
<li><a href='/'>Home</a></li>
<li><a href='http://reviewssoftware.blogspot.com/search/label/Antivirus'>Antivirus</a></li>

Then change http://reviewssoftware.blogspot.com/search/label/Antivirus with your own URL. Do not forget to change >Antivirus< with your own WORD that show what link it was.

If you want to add more link, just copy <li><a href='http://reviewssoftware.blogspot.com/search/label/Antivirus'>Antivirus</a></li> below the fisrt script, and modified it!. You can make alot of link with this step. If you already done, click SAVE button.

That's It!! you already modified your blog.


On those template, is my own adsense code. To make it be your own, you should find this script <div class='post-body entry-content'>

below those script, you will see your adsense code. Just change the PUB with your own. (pub-9511560111845878). change the number with your own PUB ID.

With this code, every your post will have an ADS inside. Its automatic!!. Do not forget to SAVE it!

NEXT STEP add a page element Adsense 336x280 size

Log in into your Google Adsense Account, then click setup to add more ads.

Click AdSense for Content

Then, choose TEXT ADS ONLY and click Continue

You must Chose the 336x280 Large Rectangle, becouse this size that will works nice with your template. Do not forget to change the color. You can choose your own color, but make sure that the BORDER and BACKGROUND color is black. If you choose another color, it will not fit well with your template.

Then, click continue until you get the script. Copy those script then add it into your template blog.

Place those HTML/Java SCRIPT on that location, then click SAVE.

Thats all bro!. Hope you will enjoy this template. Just visit my blog if you have question about it


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