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Zoundry Blog Writer, marvelous software for Blogging

17 January 2008

The most Marvelous Software that i found in JANUARY is this Software. Yups, Zoundry Blog Writer.
Two Month ago, i post my blog with manual ways. I should log in into www.blogger.com then i write my post. Then, I post my article by Send it via EMAIL (i use blogger). This hepl me so much!!. a Nice Way to posting. Then, it will be trouble when i want to post in WORDPRESS !!. Wordpress could not post by email. Damn!. That's why, i Hate WORDPRESS.
Today i Found this Zoundry Blog Writer.
It solve all my problems!!
I like to tell you this :
FIRST, this software can handle BLOGGER and WORDPRESS (typad and others i still not try it).
SECOND, I can write it OFFLINE!!. Yups !! OFFLINE!! What this mean?? It mean i can write down all my posting in home. Then when all my post finish (for example 10 article) then, when i have connecting to internet, i just UPLOAD it with one single click. EASYYY!!
THIRD, When we write article, we can choose what label or category this article is (post with email cannot do this).
FOURTH, I can add TAGS !!, i can add technorati etc.
FIVE, i can add LINK and Trackback. 
So wonderfull
You must try this software
Download Link :
Password, Type the last WORD from this article BOX CULVERT

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