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Sony Sound Forge 9.0, untuk edit MP3

28 December 2007

Sound Forge 9 contains a wide range of new features including multi-channel audio support, which allows users to edit, process, and record multi-channel
audio files. Also new are workflow enhancements such as drag-and-drop editing between channels, and new wet/dry mix and crossfade options for effects. Additionally, Sound Forge 9 provides new tools for audio analysis including phase scopes, mono compatibility meters, and multi-channel-capable spectrum analysis. Other new features include channel and hardware meters, multi-channel Windows Media format support, and Dolby Digital AC-3 export. In addition to supporting Windows XP, Sound Forge 9 and CD Architect 5 software are now compatible with the new M*crosoft Windows Vista operating system.
The new Sound Forge 9 audio production suite also includes nearly $700 of additional software: CD Architect, Noise Reduction, and the Mastering Effects
Bundle powered by iZotope.
CD Architect 5
CD Architect software is a professional mastering and layout tool for burning Red Book audio CDs. With CD Architect software, PQ editing is fast and intuitive.
This application is everything users need for precise control over details such as pause times, fades, index markers, and time and track manipulation.
Users can master audio by applying over 20 real-time DirectX effects to events, and perform seamless disc-at-once CD burning.
Noise Reduction 2
Users can give new life to audio from LPs, cassettes, CDs, MP3s, and more with Noise Reduction 2 software. This collection of audio plug-ins includes Noise Reduction, Audio Restoration, Click and Crackle Removal, and Clipped Peak Restoration. Users can apply these plug-ins to fix common audio problems such as tape hiss, camera hum, clicks, and pops. Additionally, users can easily recondition old tracks and vinyl, problem recordings, and even damaged audio.
Mastering Effects Bundle powered by iZotope
Sound Forge 9 software includes the new Mastering Effects Bundle, powered by iZotope. This powerful bundle includes four professional audio plug-ins: Mastering Reverb, Multiband-Band Compressor, the IRC Limiter loudness maximizer, and the Analog EQ parametric equalizer.
Access to Sony Music Studios Engineers
Sound Forge 9 users can also now take advantage of a new partnership with Sony Music Studios Internet Mastering Services (SIM). This new feature allows Sound Forge 9 users to have their songs professionally mastered by the same engineers who work on some of the biggest projects in the music industry. Sound Forge 9 users can link to SIM directly from inside the application and easily upload songs for mastering. For a limited time, Sound Forge 9 users will receive one song mastered at no charge if they master one or more songs.
Summary of what's new in version 9.0:
Multi-channel audio editing and recording.
Updated Channel Converter for multi-channel files.
Updated Spectrum Analysis for multi-channel files.
Drag-and-drop mixing and pasting between channels.
Hardware Meters window for monitoring hardware outputs and adjusting preview levels.
Phase scope and mono-compatibility meter.
You can now cut, paste, and delete data from individual channels of multi-channel files.
You can now update the cursor position and selection by double-clicking and editing the selection status boxes in data windows.
Improved process and effects dialogs with selection, wet/dry mix, fade-in/out controls.
Adjust data window selections/crossfades when process and effects dialogs are visible.
Enhanced snapping.
Enhanced color customization via Display Preferences.
Enhanced keyboard customization.
Updated marker and region ruler with selection snapping.
Access to Sony Music Studios Internet Mastering (Help > Sony Music Studios Internet Mastering).
Gracenote MusicID technology for extracted audio from CDs.
Here you go… a fully loaded version of this puppy.
Menanggapi permintaan dari bung NATAN di shoutbox pada tanggal 28 Desember 2007,
Untuk convert file MP3, saya sarankan SOUNDFORGE. Ini software adalah produk dari SONY. Saya sudah lama menggunakan software ini. Saya menggunakannya sejak versi 6. Dan tetap mantab!!. Guna software ini meliputi, CUT (misal anda ingin membuat MP3 untuk ringtone HP), edit (efek), bisa juga untuk menggabungkan beberapa lagu. Dan yang tidak kalah pentingnya, anda bisa SET kualitas suara yang anda inginkan. Dengan cara mengecilkan kualitas dari file MP3, otomatis file yang dihasilkan akan menjadi lebih kecil, jadi MP3 player atau HP anda akan bisa memuat lebih banyak lagu. Coba saja Software ini mas! (asumsi NATAN adalah cowok). :)
Download link here :

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