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Backup Synchronize 2008 v7.3.328

21 December 2007

Backup Synchronize 2008 v7.3.328
Backup and synchronize all your important data. Supports compressed folder(zip), FTP server, CD/DVD, USB devices, network drive and local disk.
Because loosing files in a digital world can become a true disaster as well for professional as for home user, Backup&Synchronize offers an easy way to keep safe your essential data.
Backup&Synchronize is the new version of Backup2007 Synchronizer. The application has been entirely rewritten
Backup&Synchronize is able to copy and synchronize data between two folders, a folder and a compressed folder (zip file), or between a folder and a distant server through internet FTP connection.
Backup&Synchronize supports network drives, external disks including USB devices and CD/DVD. Source and target can be anywhere on a network.
To add more security, Backup&Synchronize supports multiple targets. At the same time you can synchronize your files, towards one or more folders over a network, a zip file (compressed folder), and a distant FTP server.
Backup&Synchronize offers 3 synchronization methods :
• Source >> Target?
• Source >> Target >> Source?
• Clone?
When settings have been defined, you can save the definition to a script. The script will be reused to run a synchronization manually or to schedule a task to run it automatically and transparently at a specified date and time.
With Source >> Target method, Backup&Synchronize allows the user to keep up to 10 versions of the same file.
Compressed folder (zip file) can be protected by a password. Backup&Synchronize can use strong encryption method (AES 128 and AES 256) beside standard zip password.
Backup&Synchronize manages Meta Script. A meta script can include 2 or more scripts. A meta script can be scheduled or run manually.
Backup&Synchronize maintains a Report file. It is an history where the user can check what it has been done.
Each time a script is run an email can be sent to inform the user about the process.
A compare function allows you to check the difference between two folders including network folder or FTP server. From the comparison result, it is possible to copy, compress, upload files from source or target.
The Backup&Synchronize Geography is a map showing sources and targets defined in scripts. Objects displayed on the map are active. With a single double click you can wiew the content, including zip files or FTP server.
The Backup&Synchronize Timeline is an agenda displaying the last and next run of scheduled tasks. You can access the task properties, run the task now or remove the task.
Backup&Synchronize comes with 3 interfaces : Wizard (for beginners), Standard and Expert.

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